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Darling Diva Facial Toner

Darling Diva Facial Toner

Darling Diva Facial Toner (100ml)


100% Natural.

Containing organic Lavender, this natural skin toner should follow the Darling Diva Facial Cleanser as part of your routine, to help tone your skin and close your pores after the dirt has been removed.

Darling Diva Facial Cleanser(100ml)


100% Natural.


Using the very best Organic English Lavender oil, this Lavender Toner can benefit the skin in numerous ways. It has the ability to lessen break outs, help lighten dark patches and help reduce wrinkles.   It will not only help to tone the skin but also to close the pores after they have been opened with the hot wash.



 Apply to a cotton pad, then gently wipe across the face after cleansing and before applying moisturiser.

Skin Suitability: All skin types, can be used to help soothe sensitive skin. Can also be used to help soothe after sunburn or skin damage.

Aqua, Lavendula angustifolia (Lavender) flower oil, polysorbate 20, linalool*, limonene*, geraniol*
*occurs naturally in essential oils.




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