Exam Sleep Spray Treat

Exam Sleep Spray Treat

Has a loved one got exams coming up?  Treat them to a gorgeous sleep spray to get some extra precious hours in before the big day.  Additionally, this treat comes with a free Darling Diva fluffy flannel that you can squirt on before the exam so they have a  calming fragrance with them to help soothe and focus.


This is an oil based spray so can be used inventively on pilows, bedding, towels, dressing gowns as well to help relax before bed time.   Why not add a mulberry silk eye mask for an extra treat!  Add your preference of grey or pink flannel and your gift note below.


Choose from Slumber Party which is a blend of french lavender, white florals and mint which is very popular with teenagers as it is a sweet smell.  Or you can have Tranquility which is a more earthy english lavender and frankincense essential oils for a really grounding and soothing effect.


Amazing super scented room Sleep spray using the same high quality natural fragrances.  Choose from a range of fragrances.  Comes in a gorgeous blue 50ml glass bottle that is refillable or recyclable