Remember a loved one by adding a special photo to your Candle Glass.  Each special candle comes boxed and has a silver lid.
This candle can be posted back and refilled so that candle can be used again and again.  The cost of refill is £19 plus postage. 
what to do: 
1)  Choose your type of Wick
2)  Choose your fragrance.
3) Email me an image that you would like to use and state if preferred the photo in colour or in Black and white. 
4) You can send this as a gift for someone and can enclose a gift message, just add the message below  and I will print them on to a compliment slip and send them with the candle.
Just copy and paste the options below in to the custom field below and delete/add as appropriate:
Choices are:
Wick: Wooden Wick or cotton and Paper
Glass; Black or White
Fragrance: any from current range (see below)
Basil and Neroli 
Rosemary & Bay

Remembrance Candle

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