Hand Thrown Pottery Diffuser

Hand Thrown Pottery Diffuser

Hand Thrown Pottery Diffuser


These super cute pots are each hand made on a potters wheel and go through a three week process before it’s ready. They are stamped with the Darling Diva name .


No two pieces are the same and so you are truly getting a unique piece of art, not only that you are supporting two local businesses with this purchase as they are made by the lovely girls at the Clayrooms in Ashbourne.


Each pot comes with a 100ml glass bottle of a fragrance of your choice and ten rattan reeds in either black or natural. The carrier oil is a natural plant based carrier oil and the fragrances are paraben free, toxin free and cruelty free., Or High grade essential oils. (please note the oil will be in a clear bottle, not the blue bottle as shown in the photograph).


When the fragrance is all gone (in approximately 6 months)  you can wash it out and use it as a cute posie vase

Choose from lots of amazing scents:


Vanilla, Oak and Tobacco

An indulgent, spicy, oriental fragrance where coriander and cool lime rest upon a heart of dried fruits, warm cinnamon and sliced ginger enwrapped by a base of vanilla pods and tonka.



All the aromas to remind you spring is just around the corner! A fruity based scent with accents of Lavender, jasmin, amber and sandalwood.


Woodland Fairy

Imagine dancing in the woods with your own tribe of darling diva Fairies! Top notes of begamot and apple, with a heart of lily and rose with a base of vanilla, Patchouli, sandaldwood and musk


Rosemary and Bay fragrance oil

A perfect blend of the two herbs designed for mental clarity


Birthday Cake fragrance oil

A perfect candle to send for a friend's birthday - smelling exactly like a victoria sponge with raspberry jam, topped with freeze dried raspberries


Noir Oak and Cedar - A rich, masculine and woody oriental fragrance with bergamot, cardamon and ginger lifted by exotic ylang leading to an intense heart of cedar and clove with jasmin on a base of oak and sandalwood.



(Blend of Clementine and Neroli essential oils) - designed to envoke feelings of joy



(blend of Lavender and Frankincense essential oils) - designed to relax and soothe


Other matching products are available in these scents, see wax melts and candles

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