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Luxury Shower Bars

Luxury Shower Bars

Ditch the plastic and the chemicals and use these pretty little shower bars instead. Instead of washing all your natural oils away these shower bars will help keep your skin soft.

They come in an organza gift bag and wooden soap rack.


Choose from the following amazing choices;

Tranquility- lavender and frankincense essential oils on an oatmeal and Shea butter base for a gentle exfoliation

Happy - Clementine & Neroli on an organic vegetable glycerin base

Goats milk and lemon essential oil with organic botanicals of red rose petals and lemon peel on top Arturo - to match the darling diva men’s aftershave on a massage bar of organic vegetable glycerin base.

Positivity - Lemongrass & Ginger on an organic vegetable glycerin base

French Lavender on a goats milk base topped with organic French lavender petals to exfoliate naturally

Raspberry - on an oatmeal and shea base

Coconut and Lime - on a goats milk base

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