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Refill - Room Spray/Sleep Spray

Refill - Room Spray/Sleep Spray

This is for a refill of the room or sleep spray.


Now available through the post.  Receive a new bottle with a screw cap and simply transfer your spray top from your old bottle and place the old glass bottle in recycling.  Or if you are local, pre book your refill and return your original bottle to refill.


If local,

Simply choose your fragrance and checkout out using the collect instead of postage.


Your refill will then be made and an email will be sent when ready to collect.


Arrange a convenient time with Tori to pop by and bring your bottle with you that needs to be refilled.


Please note if you don't bring your bottle, I cannot refill it for you!


Amazing super scented room Sprays using the same high quality natural fragrances.  Choose from a range of fragrances.  Comes in a gorgeous blue 50ml glass bottle that is refillable or recyclable

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