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Slumber Party Sleep Spray 50ml

Slumber Party Sleep Spray 50ml

Amazing super scented sleep Sprays using the very popular  Slumber Party fragrance.


With it's hues of French Lavender, White florals and Mint, this scent is a perfect spray for your pillows, but you can also get creative and spray it on to your towels, your bath mat, your towelling dressing gown.  I was devastated when the new regulations meant I needed to stop my sleep sprays as I know how much a lot of people relied on them!  Thankfully, this scent along with my very popular rosemary and bay has been approved for a higher concentration which means I can begin to make them again.  


As an absorbent oil, it is great on materials, but avoid anything silky and anything that would mark, like your walls, or hard surfaces.  


Comes in a gorgeous blue 50ml glass bottle that is refillable or recyclable.

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