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How Darling Diva changed my life

When I started Darling Diva Luxury Candles three years ago, it was for quite selfish reasons really. I was suffering with M.E. and needed a lifestyle business that helped support the condition. My initial concept idea was to make gorgeous smelling candles that didn't cost the earth, looking and smelling luxurious but not so expensive that people would be afraid to light them!

Crucial to me was the need to ensure there were no nasty chemicals in what I was producing as my own research highlighted that this could contribute to mine and many people's illnesses and allergies. For this reason I selected 100 percent natural, sustainable soy for my wax, natural cotton and paper wicks and wood wicks, and used either high quality essential oils or fragrance oils produced with no parabens or toxins.

Equally important to me was the eco and ethical aspects to my business. So I made a pledge to make my candles refillable. Therefore there is no waste. The boxes they come in are so beautiful that you can use them to sort out your dressing table drawers for anything from hair bands to make up brushes. I also encourage my customers to reuse the candle glasses if they are not refilling as they make beautiful cotton wool holders or cotton buds for the bathroom.

I made sure my products are sourced from UK Suppliers where possible and when purchasing overseas that it is fair trade and sustainable. As a vegetarian it had to be cruelty free also. Other than my goats milk products everything is vegan also. Since I started with the candles and my product range has grown it has done so very organically with requests from my friends and customers and also selfishly again derived from what I really like!

I had no idea how I was going to sell my candles, I just knew it was a massive passion and I had to do it! So I booked a party and invited all my friends. I spent a ton of money and immersed myself in making candles! The rest as they say is history! Fast forward three years and I have expanded to diffusers, wax melts, perfumes, skin care and my house is bursting at the seams with boxes! I have customers knocking on my door daily and I attend many events as well as hosting events in my own home. I bore everyone talking about all things Candles and I am forever planning what's next!

I’m so proud to make it to our third birthday. Normally I would hire in the band and the wine waiter and pack my house to the rafters with my lovely customers to celebrate. As we can’t do this yet (and we will).

In my previous life before I became ill I was an Area Manager for a bank specialising in Wealth Management! I worked flat out, was a wife, a mum to a little boy and had three big dogs that also took some looking after!

What I have learned is that if we as women don't look after ourselves, and give the same amount of love and care that we give to those around us we might crumble! With all the stresses of daily life it is very easy to forget to do the little things in life that bring us joy! For me, absolutely wiped out, some days even unable to clean my teeth, my small bit of joy might have been lighting a gorgeous candle, taking a bath or meditating. After seven years of being ill, by eating well, pacing myself and cutting out chemicals where possible I am back on my feet. Granted I am a different person. My immune system is still very weak and if I get ill I am ill for weeks not days. I almost see it as a message for all to take care of ourselves. No one is going to take over all your daily tasks and send you off for a two day spa! (Unless you are very lucky!!).

What I want to share with everyone is that you have the power to change your perspective on your day in half an hour or less. Be it a nice bath, a shower and body scrub, a face mask. Lighting a nice candle and reading a book or meditating. You can feel a whole lot better by making that time for yourself. I like to think I have spent my time growing Darling Diva, not just selling candles and other natural goodies but spreading the word and showing people how to take care of themselves. (I'm almost evangelical about it, can you tell?). Pre-Covid, invite people in to my home and run free pampering sessions most weeks giving three hours of treatments, including freshly made smoothies and a homemade face mask. I’m looking forward to returning to this but for now I will see you in our little Facebook Group for live events and demos. Darling Diva Luxury Candle Club.

I like to think as my little business grows the joy is also spreading.

Tori Yerbury

Darling Diva Luxury Candles

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